Scrimpy cook visits: The cereal killer cafe – London

I have seen a lot of buzz online around this new cafe in Shoreditch that serves cereal. As I was going to London to do some shopping I convinced my friend that it would be good to go and check it out. For those of you who are not from UK, Shoreditch is like a hipster town of London. It’s a place where all the latest fashions and trends are brewing in one pot and everyone is on a quest of looking unique. You will see lots of beards, green coats and vintage clothes. It’s also home to the Ace Hotel where creme de la creme of hip is having their fancy coffees and look occupied with their Apple devices. Seems like a perfect location for a ‘Cereal Killer’ to find his victims.


When we arrived there was a massive queue outside. Don’t be deceived thinking it will take forever to get in everything moves quite swift and within half an hour we were sat down eating the cereal cocktails.


Place itself looks great and has got this very fun vibe about it. You can see really cool artwork made of cereal on the wall and tons of cereal memorabilia cleverly put together into displays that take you down memory lane to the days when nothing mattered more than getting the toy from the box. Staff are super friendly and one could compare their knowledge of cereal to sommeliers area of study.

The choice of cereal is huge. There are lots of international treats that are very difficult to buy. Some of the brands included: Boo-berry, large variety of Chex cereal and Franken Berry that I tried myself.

The selection of more traditional cereal did not disappoint either however the best of the whole menu are the cereal cocktails where things are mixed in the bowl for you. I had an opportunity to try two cocktails: ‘Unicorn poop’ and ‘Chocopotamus’. As my friend cleverly put in perspective ‘I queued for 30 minutes to eat unicorn poop’. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes.
Unicorn poop was made with Rice Krispies/party rings/fluff/mini marshmallows/hundreds and thousands/semi skimmed milk


Chocopotamus consisted of coco pops/krave/kinder happy hippo/chocolate milk

Both of the cocktails were great and very easily replicable at home.
I know that these guys had some negative press about how much they charge for a bowl of cereal with milk and here is the thing to all the haters. It’s a fun place selling you a fun product that required a lot of thought to put together and very often a lot of this stuff is available to buy for a limited time in the year and shipping cost is also not cheap. On top of that there is London rent to pay as well. If Starbucks can sell you porridge for nearly £4 there is nothing wrong their prices and you are going there for the fun experience anyway.



To me it’s an absolute must visit for everyone who has got a spare hour or two to experience the fun factor and to see how much effort actually went into creating the place. I will definitely be back for more unicorn poop!!




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  1. basicallyatwentysomething

    I really want to visit here but heard about the negative press too, I think it is definitely something to try though as it is promoting a niche in the market. I love cereal so that’s a good reason as well, but from the sounds of it it’s worth it too!


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