Scrimpy Christmas gifts: hand crafted chocolate project


As Christmas is approaching fast I would like to share with you few ideas for hand made Christmas gifts if you are on the budget. This one is very cheap, tasty and brings smile on people’s faces. It involves a small investment of £4.49 in a silicone mould. Link ➡️

If you don’t want to spend money on that, there is another option of converting the recipe into peanut butter chocolate cups using little muffin cases but it will look a little bit like Reeses peanut butter cups. This gift is all about working with what you have in your cupboard. Ideally you want to think of your flavours in advance so you can purchase the right kind of chocolate.

I decided to make 6 different flavours.
– vanilla white chocolate mouse
(Im using vanilla seeds)
– raspberry and marshmallow white chocolate mouse (I’m using marshmallow spread and freeze dried strawberries)
– cornflakes white chocolate mouse (I think it’s my favourite it works so well)
– pistachio and cherry milk chocolate mouse (I’m using unsalted pistachio nuts and glacé cherries)
– rum and raisin milk chocolate mouse (I’m using raisins per soaked in rum)
– peanut butter milk chocolate mouse
(Smooth peanut butter – make sure it’s chilled its easer to use)


The idea is to attach a piece of string to each one of them so you can pick one out for its tail and guess the flavour. I’m using the value chocolate for £0.70 per 100 gram block. If you want you can use something a lot fancier.

Ingredients for six mice:

200g of Chocolate (white, milk or plain)
Small quantities of your choices of feeling (you really don’t need a lot to fill them)


1. Melt half of the chocolate in a double boiler and put 2 teaspoons in yeach mould. Spread it on all the walls of the mould and shake around so the chocolate is evenly spread. When you will notice that chocolate starts the set you can place the sting half way down each mould (press gently with a toothpick so it sticks but be careful not to press to hard otherwise you will see he string on the top of each chocolate) Move your mould to the fridge to set. You want to create a shell so you can add the feeling later.

2. After the chocolate shell has set you can add your filling. With anything that is not solid like peanut butter or marshmallow spread make sure that your shell has no holes.


3. Melt the remaining chocolate and cover the mice. Give it a good shake so the chocolate sets evenly. Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. We want to be absolutely sure that everything is set and nothing will crack when we will get them out.

4. Trim the edges of each mouse if they are uneven and place them in a nice clean jar.


**** leftover chocolate. If you have any left I created a white and milk chocolate block with little ginger men. I did have a mould for it but you can just use loaf tin lined with greaseproof paper.





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