Spicy Winterslaw (Coleslaw)


There is nothing nicer than a side of a crunchy coleslaw with… well… pretty much everything. From burgers to grilled steaks coleslaw makes a great addition on any plate. When I used to work in one of the Cardiff’s hotel I have seen a chef adding Cajun spices to his coleslaw to give it this extra kick. I also like the idea of mixing fruit and vegetables in salads and for this particular recipe I’m using raisins but if you are feeling more adventurous dried apricots or pomegranate seeds make a very nice change to the palette of flavours. Pomegranate is my ultimate favourite because as you crunch away you get to taste those occasional explosions of flavour bursting with sweetness that is yet not overpowering. I am a great believer in not only cooking for less but also trying to cut down on calories where is is possible and this coleslaw does both when you use the right ingredients. We are swapping your usual ‘tons of mayo’ coleslaw for a much lighter dressing based on Greek yogurt mixed with a little bit of extra mayo.

What I love about this recipe is that when you make it there is always some left for later and the flavour gets better on the next day. You can keep it in the fridge for 3 days. You can use it in a sandwich with some mature cheddar and again the sweetness coming from dried fruit or pomegranates is adding extra depth of flavour to complement your choice of cheese (also made it with Stilton on rye bread and it worked great). This coleslaw is not only easy to make but it looks great I’m using red cabbage for the more dramatic effect on the plate so it will become a real show stopper at your dinner table.



Ingredients for 3 servings:

Half of small red cabbage – thinly sliced (for a whole small red cabbage I paid £0.53 at Asda)
Low fat Greek yogurt (for a small pot I paid £0.50 at Asda)
Handful of Raisins (I bought Asda smart price 500g for £0.84 at Asda)
Half of small onion – very thinly sliced (for a small onion I paid £0.09 at Asda)
1 medium carrot – grated (doesn’t have to be peeled) for a medium carrot I paid £0.13 at Asda)
3 tablespoons of light Mayo (at Asda £0.98 for 500ml bottle)
1 teaspoon of Cajun spice (I already had mine in the cupboard but you can also use chilli and paprika)
Drizzle of Heinz Smoky chipotle sauce or Tabasco (Heinz sauce is £1.48 at Asda)
Salt and pepper


1. Thinly chop onion and cabbage and transfer to a large mixing bowl.


2. Add grated carrot and raisins


3. After opening the yogurt pot mix in the Mayo, Cajun spices, chipotle sauce, salt and pepper then mix everything together with salad mix and add more seasoning if required.




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